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Level I

The Life of Christ

The purpose of this course is to survey the earthly life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth as recorded in the four canonical gospels. This will be accomplished by focusing the student’s attention primarily on the narrative flow of the events so as to ascertain the basic pattern of development in Jesus’ actions and teachings. Particular emphasis will be placed on incidents rather than the long discourses.

Registration Fee: $45 plus the cost of text book.

Textbook: The Life of Christ by Ralph M Riggs


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New Testament Survey

 The purpose of this course is to explore the writings of the New Testament. In this course students will develop a basic understanding of New Testament passages and scriptures. This course will help students understand context. The reading also “Relates the biblical text to historical, theological, and ethical questions.” Finally, student will see connection within the New Testament passages that create the story of God’s redemptive purpose.

Registration Fee: $45 plus the cost of text book.

Textbook: New Testament Survey by Merrill C Tenney


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NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, all EMTI classes have been postponed until further notice. Please check back at a later time as we post future updates. 

Educate * Qualify * Undergird * Instruct * Prepare * Push-Out

The purpose of the EQUIPP Ministry Training Institute™ (EMTI) is to properly equip the people of God for the work of ministry. It uniquely integrates In Class Education, Hands-on Practicum, and  Mentorship to provide students with a well-rounded ministry education.

EMTI offers a variety of courses to equip the saints in vital areas of doctrine, theology, and practical ministry.


There are different levels of education offered through Life Changers’ EQUIPP Ministry Training Institute™.


Level I: Spiritual Foundations Track.   This foundational track introduces Believers to fundamental Bible Doctrines, and vital elements of practical ministry practices.


Level II: Ministry Preparation Track.  This track builds upon the foundation set by Level I. It equips students with leadership training and deepens their knowledge of various aspects of ministry while building an even stronger Biblical foundation.



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